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When you logged into VMware’s website to download ESXi 5.x hypervisor you were given a license key along with the download link.  Here is how you apply that license key to your ESXi server.  This is a story told in pictures, and we begin with navigating to http://<server IP here>

1.  Download the vSphere client and install it.


2.  Open up vSphere and connect to your server’s IP address, using the username root and password you configured during ESXi installation.  As you can see in the screenshot below, you then want to navigate to the Configuration pane.  Once there, click on the ‘Edit …’ hyperlink located in the top right.  This is on the line beginning ‘ESX Server License Type’.




3.  Enter your license key and verify.  You’re done!  The only limitation you’ll have on the server is the cap on physical RAM of 32GB.