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Regarding Audible (an Amazon company) and its DRM-protected audiobooks…

If one were so inclined to violate the DMCA and remove said DRM, one might follow this procedure, using a Windows machine:

– Audible Manager (free)
– iTunes (free)
– TuneClone (not free, (legitimate) serial required)

– Install TuneClone and apply serial, install iTunes, install Audible Manager
– In TuneClone, click Settings and adjust MP3 conversion settings to taste, CBR is faster than VBR, lower rate is faster…
– In Audible Manager, download the audiobook
– In iTunes, import the downloaded .aax file
– In iTunes, look under Books > Audiobooks and create a new playlist from this file
– In iTunes, look under Music > Playlists, click on the new playlist, right-click and select ‘Burn Playlist to Disc…’
– In the popup, select the TuneClone DVD-RW device, check the CD-TEXT box, adjust audio gap to taste (none is good), Maximum speed is best, then click Burn
– Wait as iTunes writes to the TuneClone virtual drive and MP3 encoding takes place

If all went well, the output directory (My Music\Tune Clone\) would contain MP3 versions of the audiobook. Huzzah, DRM gone. *poof*! Of course, no-one would ever do this, because the DMCA is a wonderful, wonderful thing.