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Dynamically generating an ISIS topology diagram in Python

Manually updating network diagrams is a right PITA. One afternoon, as an introduction to Python, I set about automating this process. I discovered the wonderful pygraphviz library and came up with a handy little script that is under 200 lines long (including comments). It automagically generates a diagram...
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Juniper JNCIS Mind Maps

Juniper’s JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS-SP tracks share a lot of routing topics in common. If you download the ENT and SP study guides (http://www.juniper.net/fasttrack) you’ll see that the first PDF in each set is identical. Here are some mind maps I prepared for JNCIS routing using FreeMind: http://ndonaghy.com/juniper/study_notes  
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Juniper FastTrack Programme – My Impressions

So, six months after popping my JunOS cherry I decided to begin acquiring my Juniper certifications.  To start with, I acquired JNCIA-JunOS in a week, and I plan to acquire JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS-SP in the coming weeks (but not JNCIS-SEC, maybe later).  My opinions on the JNCIA will...
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